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One thought keeps recurring – will this madness ever stop. No matter how hopeful we become, no matter how desperate we feel, deep down we know that things are out of control.  Action is needed.

We are known throughout the professional alcohol and addiction field as being THE experts. The free download below represents just one of the reasons. We are the only company in our field in the UK providing such a service.

Understanding how to support and provide alcohol help

Many people have their lives touched by alcoholism. Realising that a loved one has an alcohol problem can be very emotional, and you might worry that their alcoholism is your fault or wonder what you can do. The good news is there is help for alcoholics, and you can help your loved one find the treatment they need.

Having an alcoholic in your life is not easy. You may have tried to help them on your own, only to find that they continued to drink or denied that they have a problem. If you’re wondering how to help an alcoholic, Bentham can guide you.

Help for alcoholics, help for you

In some cases, your loved one might be ready to accept help. In others, they might not. Whichever is the case, our healthcare workers can help you get your loved one to a place where they are willing to accept the help they need. Helping an alcoholic can be challenging, so we also offer help for you.

We understand that helping a loved one with an alcohol addiction can be stressful. Our team offers support for you, even if your friend or family member is not ready to tackle their problem. Many people find that having a professional to turn to for advice offers a great deal of relief. We work to assure you that their alcoholism is not your fault, nor is it your responsibility.

We have the experience you need to provide alcohol help

Help for alcoholics can come in a variety of styles. At Bentham, we are experts in helping alcoholics overcome their addiction at alcohol rehabs in London. We have been in your place, too, as the friends or family members of an alcoholic. We understand what it feels like, and how difficult a situation it can be.

The first step in getting the help you and your loved one need is to give us a call. We can help you and your loved one figure out what type of alcohol help is right for you, from rehab to counselling. Whether you are just noticing a problem or have been dealing with it for years, hoping it would get better on its own, we can help.

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